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January 4, 2011
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purgatory weeps by GunnerRomantic purgatory weeps by GunnerRomantic
Backgrounds are obviously not my strong suit--which is precisely why I need to make more of them! Practice makes passable, right?

Present photographic elements are from cgtextures and Mayang's texture library. Everything else sucks (...but I'll do better next time?!). I like dawgs.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-01-13
purgatory weeps by =GunnerRomantic Suggester says: "This image literally left me breathless for a moment, it wasn't until I calmed down that I could see the actual detail put into it, like the rainbow rising from the steam and the figures standing on the stairways across the void. " ( Suggested by mossi-mo and Featured by MacRebisz )
raimenaken May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks awesome...
Ah, it's just so beautiful. Kills me how humble you are! :)
Danpix Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice =]
SneedVonThay Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Very nice. Awesome art.
KittyAlea Aug 25, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I like the rainbow
It's a beautiful work !
ice-queen-blue Aug 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
I dont know ~ I am no expert ~ perhaps this is not done "perfectly" ~ but as a piece ~ the image is haunting!
i think you did a great job on this :) you rock ... plus i feel like this would go well with the character dante of devil may cry lol becuz of the darkness and the man looks a little like him lol
Looks great. The one thing that I think could be improved is the bridge and fire escapes (not that I could do better). They blend too much into the buildings. Although the smog/mist makes the bridge almost unnoticeable, adding to the flattened appearance. It also makes it look lopsided. The structure in the foreground could use some work too. The steps and railing look odd. Notice where the hand rail for the steps begin. Since it is partially obstructive it looks as if it was broken off from the railing on the upper platform where your figure sits. This actually causes to have a rolling effect, and doesn't look like a stairway is there at all; just some loose boards. Focus on the dog's head and you'll see what I mean. On the other hand, your rendering of the human figure and the dog in this image is flawless. As you said ,this is just practice, so I think you're looking more for constructive criticism instead of just another person telling you it looks great.
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